How to Talk to a Republican Operative

  We’ve all been there. In a conversation with a thinking Republican, then all of a sudden, the conversation shifts and we’re stuck on a totally different topic thinking, what the hell just happened? Turns out that’s not an accident. This new species of what I like to call Republican Operatives have learned a new skill. The art of the pivot. The goal is pretty … Continue reading How to Talk to a Republican Operative

Playing the game of Campaign Finance

As the Hurricane Sandy issue plays on, it becomes more and more clear that to many a politician this is all just a big game. We praise New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for postponing his ongoing criticism of President Obama in place of a willingness to work with the opposition and even going as far as thanking the President for his swift response. However, one cannot forget that … Continue reading Playing the game of Campaign Finance

An Industry of Rage

With all of the news lately of turmoil in the middle-east, it’s important to note where the outrage originates and who may be helping to perpetrate it. Take for example, the anti-Muslim film that was recently released on the Internet. While the film was produced by an independent filmmaker and distributed through independent channels, it has sparked outrage from Muslim groups all over the world. Now, I have … Continue reading An Industry of Rage

Who Are You Working For?

Often in political discussions I hear someone say “he’s just doing that to get votes”. It makes me think. What’s wrong with that? Don’t we want our politicians to do things to get votes? Sure, it’s nice when they take action from the bottom of their hearts, or when they go up against all odds because it’s just the right thing to do, but in the end, … Continue reading Who Are You Working For?

Fact-checking Presidential Spending….and other lies

Look, we get it. It’s an election year. One thing that’s a guarantee is that the Presidents spending is going to be called into question. The problem with that is that it’s not always the true story. In fact, rarely is it. In this post, we’re going to break down the common lies being spread about the President and show in detail why the rumors are … Continue reading Fact-checking Presidential Spending….and other lies

The Science of Entertainment

No matter what side you’re on in American politics these days, there’s at least one thing we both believe. Our media has failed us. Between media consolidation and the challenge of filling 24 hours a day with ‘news you can use’, we’ve somehow created a culture where there’s more information out there than we can process, but the news programs and media outlets we’ve come … Continue reading The Science of Entertainment